What exactly does the EDC offer?

Collaboration & Innovation

Primary Job Creation

Expansion and Growth

Primary Job creation is a critical factor for growth and prosperity in any community. The EDC can help facilitate this creation through many forms of assistance. These include job creation grants, infrastructure and utility needs, low interest gap loans and other creative solutions.

Community Development

Doing What’s Needed

One of the EDC's primary roles in the community is to expand the sales tax base. This is done through recruitment, expansion of current businesses and projects deemed necessary by the organization. These practices and projects are done to stimulate the creation of higher wage jobs and, just as importantly, quality of place for the workforce of Canadian.

Leading Edg

Creative Business Solutions

The Canadian EDC has partnered with Leading EDG to provide confidential no cost business consulting on a personal level to any individual or company located in the Canadian area. This opportunity is designed to help an existing business as well as a new start ups.



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