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  • Shane Spencer

A common goal

Look at these leaves. At first glance, it's basically a close up of some leaves and that's it. If you really look at them, there are multiple lines of growth that all flow into the central stem of each leaf. I like to think of a business as the central stem and all the smaller lines being things that influence that business. There is support all around the stem. That support represents things like funding, property, equity, dreams, family support, employees, infrastructure, strong will, integrity, and a host of many others. All of these are needed for the business to survive.

Think of economic development as one of these little support structures that can filter down into the stem. It supports the leaf and helps it achieve a common goal with all of the other little lines. A thriving business is the end result with all of this surrounding support. The EDC is here to fill in where needed. We can't run your business, but where we can help, we for sure will do our best.

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